What is F3A?

      F3A stands for:

                 F= Flying model

                 3= Radio Control


F3A is part of a Federation Aeronautique International  class Aeromodelling (FAI) which involves complex aerial maneuvers with a radio-controlled model aircraft. The known maneuvers (aresti) are executed in utmost precision. There are 3 categories. Sportsman for beginners, National and International. During the year we organize competitions. The figures are displayed (flown) in front of a jury panel. Each figure will be judged from 0 to 10. The figures (aresti) are flown in an imaginary box in front of you.

Everybody can register with a FAI license.

The Sporting code for F3A you can find here.

Summary of the Sporting code F3A

General Characteristics of Radio Controlled Aerobatic Power Models:

(Exception Sportsman: see Aresti -> Schedules for more info)

Maximum overall span: 2000mm
Maximum overall length: 2000mm
Maximum total weight, with batteries: 5500g (new!)

A tolerance of 1% will be allowed for possible inconsistencies in measurement instruments for size,
weight, and voltage unless otherwise stated.
Propulsion device limitations: Any suitable propulsion device may be utilized. Propulsion devices
that are not permitted are those requiring solid expendable propellants, gaseous fuels (at room
temperature and atmospheric pressure), or liquefied gaseous fuels. Electric powered model
aircraft are limited to a maximum of 42.56 volts for the propulsion circuit, measured off load, and
prior to flight while the competitor is in the ready box.

The maximum sound/noise level of the model aircraft and its propulsion device, shall be 94 dB(A)
measured at 3m from the center line of the model aircraft with the model aircraft placed on the
ground over concrete, macadam, grass, or bare earth at the flight line.

What do you get out of F3A?

  1. You improve your flying skills in all weather conditions
  2. You learn how to trim and set up your plane
  3. Meet experienced RC pilots where you can talk to about how to set up your plane
  4. The social contact in the RC world